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Kate Billington Move Manager & Professional Organizer Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Kate Billington Move Manager & Professional Organizer Poppy by Palm Street Studio

nice things from lovely clients...

Carol | Los Angeles, CA

Kate Billington Move Manager & Professional Organizer

Residential Move Management

After just one meeting with Kate, I just knew we were in good hands.   We had no interest in dealing with the stress of a move so I literally handed her our keys and drove to another state!  Within a couple of weeks our house was de-cluttered, staged, and on the market.   All with zero effort (and zero sleep loss!) on our part.  Kate supervised the movers, the packing, the storage unit, the supplies, the donations… everything. I slept well knowing she was handling everything. 5 stars!

Scott & Janine | Mt. Washington, CA

Residential Move Management

Kate Billington was recommended to us by our realtor.  When we decided to put our house up for sale we had no idea how we would be able to downsize the decades of accumulated “stuff” that we had filled the house with.  Being a little older, and both of us still working full time jobs, we did not know how we would ever be able to pack and move the things we would take with us, as well as get rid of the things we would no longer need. We were feeling very overwhelmed.  We called Kate.

Kate worked with us for 3 months and turned out to be unbelievable.  She came up with a plan and a schedule for everything.  The days she came to the house and worked with us to pack or downsize she worked very hard, never stopping for a minute.   She’d fill her car to overflowing with donations and e-waste and would take it all away at the end of the day. She had a plan and solution for every challenge that arose.  On top of all this, she carried a can-do encouraging attitude through it all.

Looking back, my wife and I are convinced that we could not have sold our house and moved without the help of Kate.  We highly recommend her.  For us she made what seemed impossible, possible, and in the process, she became our friend.  

Kate Billington Move Manager & Professional Organizer

Sue | Pasadena, CA

Corporate Move Management

When Pasadena Heritage moved its non-profit offices from one historic house to another, the process was complicated and  challenging as we needed to keep up with business as usual while planning, dismantling, sorting, boxing, and actually moving after 27 years. Kate was recommended by a Board member to assist with this rather daunting effort, and she was of immeasurable help. She was extremely organized, resourceful, professional, and responsive to the needs and wants of different staff members. She worked tirelessly to make it all happen. We give her our highest recommendation!

Poppy by Palm Street Studio for Kate Billington Move Manager & Professional Organizer

Mary | Los Feliz, CA

Residential Organization

Worth her weight in GOLD!

Ann | Pasadena, CA

Dave | Los Angeles, CA

Residential Relocation

Kate is like Mary Poppins. With a snap of her fingers things just fall into place and off our plates. Not only that, she’s a delight to be around.

Office Organization

YOU.  ARE.  A.  GEM!!

Kate Billington Move Manager & Professional Organizer Poppy by Palm Street Studio

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